How Link Building Has Changed in 2016-2017 and Affected How People Develop and Publish Content

In the last few years, link building has received the most attention and examination of all SEO elements. Since local search engine optimization dealt with ups and downs, it was the mobile world that kicked many businesses into gear to create a mobile-friendly website. And, it was Google’s search quality raters that helped them to come up with and better strategies.

However, when it comes to how impactful these changes have been, they’re fairly dispassionate. And, SEO experts still cannot come to an agreement about link building, but everybody has been required to modernize their link building strategy – somehow, someway.

With 2016 in coming to a close, it’s imperative that, if you haven’t done so yet, examine your link building method and improve upon it to ensure you stay focused on what will be different.

What Were The Link Building Services, Tools and Developments For 2016-2017 and Older?

In order to understand where link building is going, it’s important to look at what tools and strategies were used during 2016 and beyond. Why were these tools so heavily used and how did they affect business strategies?

Penguin Update

It’s been three years since the Penguin 4.0 update has been released, but it still – to this day – lay out the expectations for link building and set the tone for the entire strategy. Penguin ensured that link building couldn’t be done through unnatural (automated) techniques. Google has determined what a link’s quality is:

• Where the link is posted
• How the link is posted
• What its value is
• How important it is

In order for a link to be seen, it has to pass most, if not all, of these.

The last penguin update was seen in October 2016. However, Google is constantly updating the algorithm to find the unnatural links and send the offending website to good Google penalty recovery services across the globe.

Link Building Avoidance

In the early parts of 2016, John Mueller, with Google, made headlines saying he’d avoid link building as an SEO strategy. Some in the SEO community took this to mean that no SEO strategy should include link building. However, the real Mobile SEO experts knew how important links were to any SEO strategy, and took it to mean that any obsolete method of manual link spamming needed to be avoided. That, in conjunction with Penguin, could do businesses more harm than any good.

High-quality link building methods that involve guest-posting and link attraction using superior content won’t do your business any harm. However, they are still noted as being link building strategies since the end result is earning you additional inbound links.

Higher Content Standards

Google has always had a standard for high content, but the need for even better content is on the rise because there is an oversaturation of material in every genre. Just one-fourth of all material published is shared by users. Google can only offer so much space for its search results. Therefore, the best of the best material are ones that can earn links and shares, which means using the natural approach difficult to attain but rewarding to go after.

Selective Publishers

Any current link building strategies that don’t entail attaining links using super content published on a business’ website entails other materials like guest posts to outside publishers. Just like anything else though – actions have reactions. With the increasing stream of guest posts and the sneaky attempts to add in unnatural links, publishers have become more selective in who they will or will not work with.

Link Building: Is It Really Important To Your Business’ Success?

Now, you may be wondering if link building is still such a worthwhile venture to get involved with. Will it actually help with the success of your business? Why should you even consider getting a link building campaign together if you’re going to have to work extra hard to see anything positive from it?

Yes, it’s going to be a lot harder than in times past, but link building is still of major importance if you want to earn a high ranking in Google’s search results. Think of inbound links as votes that act like a third-party indicator with Google to determine if your website should be seen as an authority. These links are necessary to attain visibility in the search results, and you must put forth the effort to attain high amounts of meaningful links.

Therefore, it’s important to look what the key considerations to determine what your link building strategy will need to be successful during the rest of 2016.

Determine What The Right Sources Are

The first thing you need to do is determine what the right sources are to attain inbound links. You don’t want to post links willy-nilly since Google’s Penguin algorithm will penalize you for it. When you’re looking for new sources to link to, be sure you find websites that are both respectable and pertinent.

• When it comes to respectable websites, you need to use your head on this. Is it a site that a lot of people come to visit and trust? Does the website give credit to its sources? How long has it been around? The more respect a source has, the more valuable the links will be. Of course, it also means links are more difficult to attain.

• When it comes to pertinent websites, you want sources that are closely related to your business and/or industry. If you post information about writing on a children’s clothing website, Google will flag it.

Use Content To Drive Your Link Building Efforts

It’s important you use content to attain inbound links. It doesn’t matter if the links are embedded into the content you turn into the source or if you publish material on your website that attains inbound links on their own. When you write content, always come up with well-written, in-depth, engaging and unique material that is sure to garner attraction from readers.

When you embed links into an external content, you want them to appear naturally. Be sure you cite a certain fact to give some added value to the article. And, always cite more than one source it the content.

Ignore Anchor Text

In the past, anchor text was used to match keywords for the linked page people wanted to have ranked. However, today, if you stuff your article with keywords, Google will penalize you for it. Be sure any links have substances behind it and eliminate anchor text altogether. If it looks odd to you when you read it, then chances are it doesn’t need to be in there.

Change Up Your Strategy

When it comes to your link building strategy, give it some “flavor” or diversity. You don’t want just one or two sources to attain links from. Yes, multiple links from one publisher can boost value, but their returns drop. Change up the strategy by getting an array of links from an array of domains. The key is to diversify here.

Improve Upon Your Campaign

If you want to see any results, you’ll need to continue improving your campaign. This must be done in a gradual way, or you could see issues with links being published. Make sure your attention is focused on the following… all at one time:

• Choose high-quality and respected publishers
• Develop superior-quality material
• Publish your material on an array of sites
• Publish material on a regular basis, continuing with the high-quality material

What You Need To Understand About Material That Goes Viral

It possible to set up a strategy where you only have natural link building company. You just need to increase your chance for external sources to link to your material without manually creating the links yourself.

With the approach, you must produce the best possible content, share it via social media and even have paid ads to boost the audience reach – all in the hopes that it’ll go viral. If you do this on a regular basis for your content marketing campaign, you’ll see a number of inbound links. However, it’s difficult to maintain these kinds of returns. One of the better things you can do is come up with a manual approach like guest posting.

What Should You Remember About Link Building

Yes, link building is important, and it’s important for all SEO campaigns. The way you do it is going to have to change. Rather than stuffing links into as many sources as you can and hope for the best, you must do two things:

Provide the best possible content to the best publishers that will publish the material
Create the best possible content to publish on your own website to garner inbound links

If there’s anything you need to remember most about the link building strategy is this – quality is far more important than quantity. The more effort that goes into your content, the more value you will see from the links built. And, the more links you attain naturally, the more visibility you will get. This ensures you traffic and conversions while also establishing you as the authority in your genre.