Link Building Service

Link building is the fundamental element of any SEO campaign. SEO in the past has focused on keyword optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and even optimizing keywords for videos in order to rank high on both Google and YouTube’s search rankings. Now we’re seeing things like topical optimization where long tail keywords are used to answer questions that a searcher might have.Whatever the strategy, you need a creative team who can help you define all of your link-building objectives, identify influencers in your area as well as key audiences, and develop some sort of strategy to reach them through PR, outreach, and content. You need a team who works alongside external and in-house content, marketing, PR teams, and creative teams for an integrated agency approach.

Link audits.

It’s recommended that you get a review of your link profile that you currently have before moving on to link building. There might be unnatural or manipulative links in the past that can be harming you now as well as going into the future.

Content marketing.

The true backbone of any campaign in marketing is compelling content. You need a content team of writers, developers, and designers who will design and manage the whole content production process.

Digital PR.

You’re going to need PR professionals who have contact with bloggers, key publishers, influencers and journalists in a pretty wide array of sectors and industries all over the world. They will help you to develop PR strategies that will work online in order to attract links, and even into the offline world as well.


You’ll need to get an outreach team that will work alongside the PR and creative teams in order to develop close relationships with bloggers and journalists to connect campaigns with content. There’s a true power behind highly personal and targeted communication.

Blogging and writing.

You’ll need a team that has writers in-house who can help create the content that will draw in new readers and keep the ones you already have. You’ll need one that has access to freelancers who have expertise in a variety of different sectors.


Infographics only need to be created when they serve soe sort of purpose. Here, creatives as well as designers will work together with content and SEO link building services to design and then create beautiful-looking infographics that serve a functional purpose.

Interactive content.

You’re going to need some big content that really pushes some boundaries. Whether it’s games, quizzes, or other interactive content, a good design and development team will be able to create compelling interactive content to drive in more visitors to your site.


It’s important that you drive in visitors with compelling content. One way of doing that is through linkbait. This is basically a strategy in which you create content with a very clickable title with the idea being that many people will click on it and share it going into the future.

Social media promotion.

When all else fails, social media promotion never fails. Google is stil working on indexing via social media, but this is a great (and free) way to engage your audience and grow the overall number of cutomers or visitors that you have.

As you can see, things have really changed in the word of search engine optimization. It used to be the case that you only focused on things like keyword stuffing if you weren’t relying on pay-per-click advertising.

You could even do things like stuff keywords into the description of a video on YouTube in order to show up high on the list for both Google and YouTube. A new strategy has even been to use topical optimization, which focuses on the overall quality of the content in order to rank it.

What all of these tools are getting at is to create proper links that sites can use in order to build up the number of visitors and ultimately the number of customers that they have. There are a variety of ways to do that, as we’ve seen in this article.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it should get you started in order to find out how you’re going to get a link building service to work for you. You’ll need a team with experience in the field who have the knowledge to get things done. This will have to be a team with your success in mind. This will have to be us.