Four Effective Steps to Creating a Long-Lasting SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-changing. As a top rated link building expert and SEO consultant, I ensure we are up to date with Google’s updates as well as changes in the algorithm. My agency’s business model has gone through series of continuous changes just to be up to date with this dynamism.

It is rather unfortunate that a lot of online businesses do not understand that SEO strategies are dynamic and a strategy that was effective the previous year may be ineffective currently and may not give the desired result. Among the people, I have discussed the dynamism of SEO strategy with, a lot of them still dwell in past strategies; focusing on rankings and links instead of bringing user experience, RankBrain, and other new algorithms into play. SEO strategies are not updated once in many years; they occur more often.

Challenges to Effective SEO

In my dealings with firms that are trying to improve their SEO, I have repeatedly noticed a lot of shortcomings.

Firstly, a lot of decision makers I have been opportune to meet are far behind on updates and Google’s algorithms changes. This explains why they do not understand the reason behind the change of strategies. Just last year, Google introduced the use of mobile-friendliness in ranking search result and in May this year, the approach was improved on. By last fall, Google began to depend on RankBrain to control and polish its ranking procedures. Search ranking world is an ever-changing world, and SEO strategies move along with the changes.

Also, I have had discussions with managers who still uphold the one-size-fits-all approach in SEO ranking. Every business and industry have their unique needs; this is why we design individual packages with an active approach, and decisions are based on performance, data analysis tests, and KPIs. A lot of decision makers want to have it all at a go, but good SEO strategy requires critical analysis and fine-tuning over time. Giving high priority to the need for improved strategies is more productive than establishing a “great” strategy at the onset.

Over the years, one or two on-page tweaks were just ok to stay updated, even after Google’s changes to its algorithms. But due to the ever-changing nature of SEO ranking, for an SEO program to be successful, it requires more effort, variety, and time than it had ever been. As Google improves, link building services and SEO strategies must integrate well-written long-form texts contents, a website with a great user experience, technical SEO program, likes, shares and comments on the brand, and an effective linking strategy.

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You cannot run an effective SEO strategy without well-written unique content, a solid branding package, and routine review of opportunities for UX enhancement.  Google loves simplicity; just deliver relevant and helpful results for all search phase. In a bid to meet up with the ever-evolving SEO world, a business has to offer the customer a remarkable website experience, keeping it simple, engaging, educative and interesting.

Building a Long-Lasting SEO Strategy

Businesses and industries regularly deal with change in different ways. Tackling these challenges means acknowledging the fact that change is constant and no matter how many high-quality editorial links your guest posting outreach drives each month. Although change may come with some discomfort, a fight against change may be an effort in futility when there are no other options left. Beginning the change process might be a hectic one initially, but at then the end of the day, the result is worth the process.

Here are some effective steps to building an effective SEO strategy:

  1. Valuable content first:

Your website content and contents published over the internet are essential SEO elements. Your content should picture the need of your customer. What information do your customers seek? What problem do they seek to solve?

  1. Continuously Enhance User Experience

Make your website work-in-progress. Customers will troop in if the site is user-friendly enough. Make proper use of the eye tracking, user testing, click tracking, and customer voice analysis tools.

  1. Find Your Audience

Search for where your target audience meets and be actively involved there.  Offer excellent customer service, Post informative content, and try to be useful. Social signals like comments, share and likes will boost your overall SEO ranking.

  1. Be updated

Get to know the latest happenings in your niche and build your reputation in your field by publishing on various websites. As an executive, you must stay on top of your industry’s latest trends.

Final Note

Convincing business owners or c-level executives who are still using outdated SEO link building strategies to reevaluate their strategy can be tough. However, if you wish to create a good SEO strategy, the above steps will lead you through the path of success.

It is important to build a structure that is dynamic and can evolve with the ever-changing trends, so that in the event an inevitable change occurs, you will effortlessly move with it.

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