Recently I was asked about SEO for beginners. I decided to do a full post on it (not that lucky?) Because it is a changing and expansive topic.

Let me start by giving an example of how Google SEO oil works.
Google has developed automatic algorithms that classify your sitio.Envían called “spiders” to “crawl” your site and check it for more than 100 indicators that determine whether your site is valuable or useless. These indicators include things like backlinks, domain age, traffic, fresh content, etc.
SEO is the art of making those spiders are happy with who they are. It is a very complex field that is constantly changing, but in all the chaos there are some constants that have remained loyal from the beginning. I’ll talk about those here.
The 10 fundamentals of SEO blogs

As always, the boys and girls, if you have any other tips please leave me a comment and add to the fun. I love reading the huge comment-trials we all tend to write.

1. You need your own domain and hosting
The first thing that beginners need to know is that you need your own domain and hosting. Free Blog assemblies do any favors for your SEO efforts.
Why is that?
Well many people speculate that if you were really serious about your website get your own name and hosting yourself. And Google just wants to target websites that are considered serious and trustworthy.
I recommend to all new bloggers get their own domain and hosting setup from the beginning. You can read more about why in my review blog hosting I did recently.
BlueHost is a good alternative to open a new hosting account with them.

2. Solve problems with original content
Remember that the whole purpose of Google is to provide their customers with relevant and useful results. All they do is based on the premise.
And, realistically, the most important thing you can do for your SEO is to create massively useful content that solves people’s problems. If you are solving problems that people are looking for, then chances are you will get shared in social networks and classified in Google.
The phrase “original content” means much more than just blog posts today. You should begin to expand:
Upload to Flickr or Photobucket and use original images on your blog. Even better if you take yourself.
Make tutorials or make video messages with your webcam. This builds links and traffic from Youtube and does well on mobile marketing services & devices.
iTunes is growing faster than people do better smartphones and spend more time online.
Tools and plugins
If you can develop an original tool and install it on your website that you can be assured of the highest rankings of Google for a long time. Google loves tools and plugins that people can use in their lives.
The idea is to build a relationship with your readers, helping them out. This will mean more sharing and faster results in the SERPs (ranking positions in search engines).

3. Build links naturally recoil relevant
If you just start with SEO you should know a little about backlinks. A backlink is when another web site links to your site from your site.
Not all backlinks are created equal though. Some things to know:
Never buy backlinks
I once heard about a guy who was the head of SEO guy for an investment company. He bought some cheap backlinks on a domain name with millions of dollars and got it banned from Google.Nunca buy backlinks. Google is to them.
The source matter
The blog you are giving backlinks makes a big difference. If it is an old domain name itself after excellent ranking counts backlink for more. A good link to a domain name authority (.edu and .gov which are amazing) and its positioning in change over hundreds of small.
The anchor text matter
The anchor text are the words that are used as a link. For example, at that time I used “anchor text” as text ancla.Usted want this to be relevant to specific keywords.
As mentioned, the best way to build quality backlinks is to write quality content and then amazing guest post from the best blogs in your niche.
Remember, backlinks to your OWN content is also very importante.Ver the number of links I have my own articles on this blog? People who have too!
NOTE: Using keywords as the anchor text format is not the recommended method. There needs to be a natural mixture of keywords in your links.

4. Make sure the subject is optimized SEO
This is the subject of a series of posts, so I’ll be brief.
Think of SEO has two components: things out of place as media and backward linkages of social facilities and things like optimizing your topic.
Optimizing your issue is important because it helps give Google indicators that you are a trusted site. It also helps Google to find your site. Some of the things you can do are:
Encoded cleanly
Make sure the item is coded with the latest and best techniques so easy to get around.
Quick charge
A fast charge is good for the user experience and therefore good for Google. Make sure your subject is pulling their weight and load quickly. You can check your speed here. You can use plugins cache to help speed things up.
Some people disagree, but I still reckon that my original songs do better than the issues that thousands of people are using. A new development and the original site also comes with dozens of other benefits.
Not having fallen link
Be sure to clean all the broken links and make sure your navigation everything runs smoothly.
Having a well designed theme is also important for your brand. Separation of competition is a very important thing to do.

5. Set your permalink structure
Permalinks are how people find your blog and internal messages and pages. They are composed of a stem and an extension.
For example, in this post are:
ROOT: EXTENSION: beginnger-blogging-seo /
Now, it is very important to have good permalink structure. You can change this in WordPress yendoConfiguración> Permalinks and adjust the settings. The best option for you there, in my opinion, is just the name given. So you must select CUSTOM and then add STRUCTURE /% postname% /
But even better than it is to research what keywords you are trying to rank for and then shorten your URL to match keywords.
Be careful! You do not want to change the old permalinks because then you got any backlinks break. Just a few new ones.

6. Install SITEMAP
One of the easiest things you can do is install a Google Sitemap plugin that gives a complete map of all your posts, pages and files. The most common is that people use it and it seems to work pretty well.
This automatically generates the sitemap for you at regular intervals and then subjected to Google, Bing, etc. on their behalf. Its literally giving them a map of your site so that it can be indexed better.

7. Comment on other blogs
For a long time my SEO strategy was simply commenting on other blogs of authority. Not only do you get more traffic, exposure and new relationships, which also counts as a backlink.
Now some blogs that can leave you target anchor text that are not real concerned about usernames. But most blogs use your real name. That’s fine.

8. Do yourself a profile on social networks
As I mentioned in my post about SEO secrets you want now have a strong focus on social media for SEO purposes as well as for construction traffic.
Well, because Google is looking to social media as a sign of the authority of an article and relevance.
If thousands of people are tweeting about it then chances are you have written something pretty good. And the best way to get the tweets is to build a loyal following and write the contents murderer who love to promote for you.
Shares other
The more content you share with other bloggers more likely they are to share your stuff. Dale and then come later.
Neil Patel (one of my heroes blogs) just write a really good list of pilot using Twitter. That is a good starting point if you want to really amplify their social activities.
NOTE: Google+ is now a very important factor in SEO ranking.

9. Use SEO plugins
There are lots of WordPress plugins out there that you can install to get some help with your SEO. One of the best to start is the All in One SEO Pack makes many small things unpleasant for you.
There are plenty of other good SEO plugins out there, so I thought I would open it up to the audience and see what everyone else is using. Please leave a comment and let me know.

10. Read, study and use SEOmoz
As far as I’m concerned the absolute best resource for SEO related material in the world has ended in SEOmoz.
And their tools are even more amazing.
Now, the content of your blog can be a bit over his head to start, but slowly begins to absorb the ideas on trends, tactics and best practices over time. Even if only checked every couple of weeks and read one or two items, you will find that your knowledge of SEO just grows and flourishes.

What have I learned?
I hope the SEO tips help you index your website, Please stop any and all doubt in the comments section. I hope we can reach a good size list to help all newcomers.14 Secrets for positioning Youtube Videos

Did you know that more than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube?
That’s about an hour for each person on Earth!
As a seller on the internet, this means YouTube is too big to ignore. Can you imagine having your videos are viewed by thousands of buyers interested in your niche, buyers looking exactly the product you are offering.
 Only one problem.
There are only 20 slots on the front page of YouTube and few people check out the second page or any page, from there we have to compete with hundreds, and care if not thousands of others who are also trying to positioned on YouTube.
 At the end of this post, you’ll know 14 very effective strategies for Novato that will place your videos to page 1 of YouTube and leave your competition sentiendo jealous of her success.
Prepare for the range and the bank!

3 items to promote your YouTube videos
Before diving into the 14secretos YouTube, I want to mention the three key elements that will help you position the video on the first page of Youtube.

Element # 1: Conduct research keywords
This is crucial because we want to target commercial keywords for our niche. There are several ways to do this. We can use AutoFill to YouTube to see popular searches. We may also use the planner tool Google keywords
Element # 2: On-optimization Search Engine page
This ensures that YouTube understands the keyword you are using to target our video, instead of sorting by irrelevant time. Being qualified for an irrelevant term would be similar to a long-distance athlete be placed in a sprint by accident.
Element # 3: off-page Search Engine Optimization
This involves creating backlinks for our video. Backlinks are like votes popularity. the more links you have your video from another website, the better chance your video is positioned at the first page of search results on YouTube. Remember in high school when the king and queen dance won because they got more votes? The same concept for your videos.
Now that you know how to classify YouTube videos, we’ll put each of the 14 secrets in one of three categories.
Perform keyword research

 Now that we know what positions a YouTube video, it’s time to dive into the secrets associated with each item.
NOT skip this step. This can be the difference between making money with your videos or go bankrupt!
Secret # 1: In the auto-Function YouTube
promote YouTube videos

I’m sure you’ve noticed when you type in the search bar, YouTube populates a list of similar searches.
promote YouTube videos
Score! This feature of “Similar searches” can give you some ideas of what other people are searching for. So ask yourself:

    Is it relevant to my niche key word?
    Did this keyword has the potential to convert traffic into buyers?
    How much traffic we generate this keyword?
    Can I qualify for this keyword?

We can not answer the 3rd 4th bullet do yet, but we will in a minute.
Secret # 2: Google Keyword Planner
promote YouTube videos
If you have ever done research keywords for your blog, then you know what the planner keywords Google has to offer. If not, I’m about to show.
The planner tool Google keywords is a resource for advertisers who want to know the potential monetary value is a keyword. The good news is you can use this tool to their efforts to YouTube. Punch in a key location for your root word and see what other similar phrases arise.
The gimmick with this tool is that it tells you roughly how many people are looking for this term a month. Excellent. Now you can answer the question, “How much traffic is generated key word?”
Secret # 3: Using Long Tail to assess the difficulty of classification
promote YouTube videos
LongTail Pro is the queen bee. manages to combine YouTube and Google Keyword AutoComplete Planner, but gives a numerical value indicating how difficult or easy it would be to classify (ie appear on the first page of search results) for that keyword. This is the best tool to promote your YouTube videos quickly.
Get a complete example of this ingenious tool in action here.
A page of search engine optimization
Now that you know how to do your keyword research correctly, let’s take a look at how we apply this research to your optimization efforts.
Remember, you want the keyword YouTube is most relevant to your video. A confusion can end your chances to promote your YouTube videos.
Secret # 4: Tell the keyword in the beginning of your video
promote YouTube videos
YouTube takes the text, and that is one way that categorize videos. There is more emphasis on the words at the beginning of the video, so be sure to clearly indicate the keyword within the first 10-20 seconds.
Remember that YouTube only translates the text, so you will not understand variations in your keyword. That is why it is also a good idea to tell your keyword throughout the video.
Secret # 5: Rename the title with keyword phrases
promote YouTube videos
The titles of YouTube videos are like 1 heading tags for blogs. They are important for SEO and to excel. The use of the keyword in the beginning of the title is important because the keywords front loading tend to rank better in the search engines. There is a limit of 100 characters for title keywords, but nothing after 70 is taken into account for SEO.
If possible, try to place the keyword at the beginning and the end. However.

Secret # 6 Change the filename raw with keyword phrases
promote YouTube videos
YouTube will read the raw file name of your video to determine what it is. It is absolutely essential that you rename the file name with the keyword before uploading.
Secret # 7 Post in HD
promote YouTube videos
Studies show that uploading a video in HD improves classification. This makes sense because YouTube values ​​the user experience, so give priority to HD standard definition videos.

Secret # 8 Fill the description box
promote YouTube videos
Make every effort to use up the character limit 1000 and sprinkle around the key word.
Secret # 9 Creating a timestamp with the keyword
promote YouTube videos
Creating a timestamp is as simple as using this format 00:00 and will automatically create a hyperlink. Do not forget to connect your keyword for some of their time stamps!
Also, remember valued YouTube user experience. Adding a “table of contents” at the beginning of your description box that allows views jump points in the video that are more attractive to them.
Secret # 10 Use relevant tags
promote YouTube videos
Tagging is a great way to help people find your videos. Use some of the above methods (autocompletador YouTube, Google planner keywords, etc.) to find exact phrases to use as labels.
If you are wondering ccuntas enough labels ?, I would suggest 5-7 as range.
Secret # 11 Get comments, thumbs UPS, and quick actions!
Get the most comments, thumbs up, and actions as fast as you can, once you upload the video. The more interaction better. There are two good ways to do this:

    Promote your video to your list of email and social networks, and be sure to ask for comments, thumbs up (I love it) and Comments.
    Create a group with users interested in your niche who are willing to see the video if you also sees them. (Traffic Exchanger)

Off-page Search Engine Optimization
Now that you’ve optimized your YouTube video for your chosen keyword, it’s time to see how you can promote your YouTube videos off YouTube. This ensures its position on the first page of search results from YouTube, including backlinks to your video.
Secret # 12: Insert video on your blog
promote YouTube videos
Incorporating videos on your blog will help you get more views. This is good news for us, because Google considers the greatest Views 1 min video ranking. If someone watches your video on your blog, Google will view it as a YouTube! : -)
Secret # 13 link to your video on your Facebook profile
promote YouTube videos
Google is giving more weight to social interactions, so if your video joins Facebook gives a link solid and reputable reverse.
Bonus: You can also do this in other high authority sites social networks like Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
Secret # 14: Using Link Building Software as extra
promote YouTube videos
Link Software as emperor or SocialMonkee are simple tools that make the whole pyramid backlink for you. Link Emperor is of higher quality, but SocialMonkee can do the job well. Remember, the goal of backlinks is Google and YouTube to see what other websites value their content, and are willing to link with you.
I ready to promote your YouTube videos?
By now you have enough ammunition in your toolbox YouTube SEO to position your videos on page 1, and compared to a target audience. Does not it feel good to receive all that traffic for your website? : -)
And with all those eyeballs watching your videos, do not forget to include a link to your page or squeeze page in the description box, so you can monetize that traffic.
For a powerful combo, remember to leave an alert at the end of your video to take specific to subscribe or click your link measures. to A people love to follow instructions.
Which of these 14 secrets have you found most useful, and why? Let me know with a comment below.SEO Web 2.0 – Secrets