Google AdWords PPC Trends for 2017-2018

AdWords Trends 2018 It is not surprising that the proliferation of technology coupled with the ever changing landscape of customer demands is pushing marketers to adopt strategies that will work in 2018. Of particular note is the use of AdWord by Google to target specific segments of the consumer bracket. By using social media, voice and organic searches, advertising for marketing purposes is becoming increasingly analytical. Presently, focus is on digital platforms.

The introduction of new innovations in technological platforms for advertising has broadened the horizons of digital advertising. Big players in the consumer industry like Amazon or Tesla are investing a lot on customer services and technological innovations.

Alongside Google AdWords, there are many marking trends on the offing as the year 2018 approaches. It is forecast that the new trends will have a significant upheaval on the emerging marketing strategies.

AdWords Ushers in Quantitative Marketing

It is no secret that the age of marketing quantitatively is here. Many leading organizations like Kraft or Unilever hardly depend on soft marketing skills anymore. Rather, they are presently borrowing leaves from the digital world by building collaborations between marketing teams and data experts. It is predicted that organizations with a strong focus on data will find it a lot simple to expand with the surge of quantitative marketing.

A New Marketing Channel in in-Car Ads

It is not in doubt that self-driving cars will no longer be a rarity on our roads. Companies like Uber are upping their game in this field with recent studies indicating that self-driving tech is making driving a lot safer. What do you imagine will happen when drivers have to pay less attention to the roads? They will turn most of their attention to consumption of content that will definitely come with AdWord ads in in-car ads. Obviously, this is a marketing trend that is coming in 2018.

Development of Content that is Voice-Optimized

In the previous year it emerged that a lot of searches were conducted through voice searches. It is therefore, safer to predict that by 2018 this will be a popular trend in marketing. Content will easily be optimized for voice searches.

Providing content that specifically target certain type of accounts will also take root. Account-Based advertising or ABM will proliferate as platforms will embrace the means by which the marketers can recommend particular brand messages to some accounts. In other words, personalization in advertising will rise to the next level.

Development of augmented reality by the marketers is also a trend that is set to take root. Many devices coming into the market will begin experimenting with AR Augmented Reality content that is sponsored and branded.

How About When AI Takes Control?

Yes, in 2018 it is also expected that tools search as Drift or Intercom will enable marketers and advertisers to leverage the use of Machine learning or AI. Chat-tools that will be able to communicate and interact with consumers will be embraced by more and more brands.

And Have You Thought of Instergram Eclipsing Facebook?

Although Facebook is introducing new advertising strategies,particularly using AdWords trends, it is feared that in 2018, instagram will be the cannel of choice. Instagram is growing at an incredible pace, and more and more marketers and consumers are migrating to the platform.

Prioritizing Privacy and Data Protection

In 2017, there were numerous high-profile incidences of data and privacy breaches. Cyber security has witnessed many upheavals since the time of the Equifax breach and the DNC email Hacking. The effect on the entire world was felt far and wide, with the consequence that many consumers are looking for products that will protect their privacy and security.

In Europe, for instance, many businesses will have an obligation to protect the data of their users when the new law known as GDPR comes into full force. PPC Marketers too will have to adopt use of data security and privacy protection to act as a preposition of value across many industries.

Actually, this is not all. There is a lot more in store for 2018 and beyond.

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