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On, Google Adwords, online marketing software and tools, SEO & SEA studies & investigations by e to online marketing Hannover blog we have tested in the last few weeks several software vendors for PPC management tools and their products. Briefly it comes with a PPC management tool, so as to facilitate the management and optimization of AdWords help. The providers themselves point out that your tools work only but support human labor can not replace.

Before we relating to our findings, the previously sighted bid management and campaign management tools are an indication of the lessons learned. The results are based mostly only on about 1-2 hours. Demos that we have gone through together with the party and give only a first impression. We can make no statement about the quality algorithms applied Bid Management because it prolonged tests would be necessary. In addition, we have the individual tools considered only in relation to the AdWords campaign management or Adwords optimization, not from a holistic perspective of the Cross Chanel management, in which the tools have their strengths.
Our evaluation criteria

Before we went to the demos we’ve created a catalog of duties, which has resulted from our daily work with Adwords accounts and their optimization. We have placed our focus on the following criteria:

– Click Path- / Search Funnel Tracking at the keyword level and possible bid weighting the involved Keywords
– Barriers to entry by minimum fees or existing Set Up Costs
– Possible Trial Times / contract terms
– Possibility of clustering for the keyword bid management
– First Page Bid Alerts
– Ranking Bids
– Type of Bid Management Stragegie Templates / Ruled Based
-. Change Report including Undo Button
– Usability

Points of 1-10, we have price, flexibility, usability, reporting, Bid Management awarded functionality and added value in the fields.

Here, we evaluated the level of entry barriers in the form of set-up costs, minimum monthly rates and contract terms.

They were concerned with the holistic flexibility of software with regard to eg reporting, implementation of external data and influencing the bid management strategies.
Bid Management functionality

Here, we evaluated the Bid Management functionality per se. This point partly flows and the assessment of a Felexibilität with.
Additional benefits

In addition, we were looking for features that are not already covered by the Adwords interface, the tools provided by Google, such as AdWords Editor or the Keyword Tool and other free PPC tools are offered.
The tested and other bid management tools

The sake of completeness here still more tools, but we could not test due to the lack of time, but will eventually test the occasion yet. Refined Ads (GER), Marin, Click Equations (USA), BidMax (AUS), Omniture (Adobe / USA), Search Ignite (USA), BidRank, KeywordMax, DART Search, …

Here is a detailed list of PPC Management Software / Tool vendors >>>

As you can see the competition in the English-speaking world is a lot bigger than before even in German-speaking countries. The only German bid management tool vendors are Refined Labs with Refined Ads and Intelli ad. Similar to the SEO tools, but it will definitely see in the future one or two more German software into the world to draw one or two dollars out of the market.

In the next post, there is more to our personal conclusion regarding the Adwords Expert optimization with this Bid Management Tools.

We looked at the various bid management tools from the point of the Adwords management and optimization Adwords. All tested tools have Cross Chanel management for all major models eg SEA Google Adwords and Yahoo Search, but partly also numerous other PPC management channels, such as Facebook Ads or the evaluation of banners and email marketing campaigns offered. As these cross Chanel functions but does not necessarily have a direct impact on the Adwords optimization and management per se, they are in this test were not included in the evaluation with. The influence of other online on search engine marketing in general, we provide this unquestionable marketing methods.
The tools of Acquisio, DC Storm, Intelli Ad, Search Force, Clickable and Kendshoo in Test

Before address the individual tools here schonmal a conclusion. Generally speaking, that all tested tools had their greatest strength in the Cross Chanel management, but as already einbezgen not here in the standings. Particularly noteworthy in this context are DC Storm, and Acquisio Search Force. In addition, all of the tools offered in relation to Customized Reports added value, which is primarily for the use of Agency advantage. This is particularly the tool of Acquisio was able to stand out, offering many different reporting options without being complicated to handle.

The following comments on the tools related to our small list of criteria. More about each criteria there are to read the test in the previous introductory post.
Campaign management functionalities and Increased Value

With regard to the campaign management functionality provides all software own keyword and Adtext- of tools. The sighting of the Bulk Editor functions in the tested tools were no additional features for Adwords Editor.

Concerning our main intention in this Test namely an additional benefit and facilitate the Adwords campaign optimization and campaign management all had steady gesture tools however compromising. Only 1-2 of tested tools offer additional features that you do not get from the free tools on the market. For most of the functions are as aggregated AdWords Editor, the Adwords keyword tool or the Adwords interface on a platform or save some clicks.
The Bid Management Function

By announcing the Search Funnel reports in Google Adwords Mobile interface also has many tools providers taken an important communicable additional benefits. However, tools like Intelli ad, Kenshoo Search and Force to the mapping of the Search Funnels or conversion chain an automatic integration in the Bid Management at what eg fuktioniert the DC Storm Optimiser only in conjunction with the in-house DC StormAnalytics. Acquisio and Clickable even refrain entirely from the picture of the conversion chain. Pity!

In determining the bid strategies you can find three different orientations. It ranges oriented portfolio strategy templates to define the possibility of using certain indicators based properties for certain elements themselves up to the mixture of the two, which I think is the best option to get the flexibility to preserve their own Optimieriungs implement strategies and not only dependent on foreign to be algorithms. Short and sweet. Search Force, Kenshoo and Acquisio collect here a plus and offers both possibilities. In addition to the portfolio-based approach over Stragegie templates in SearchForce the possibility of clustering of keywords by various indicators and determining individual bid strategies is possible. Acquisio provides here on an additional percentage modification of the strategy templates. DC Storm Optimiser offers a similar flexibility as Force Search and Acquisio, however, are lacking developed strategy templates.

In this area, the two tools with the lowest cost of entry Clickable and Intelli ad have to compromise. Here it is only possible strategy easily modify templates and one is basically tied to the predetermined Algrorithmen the developer. While you can specify with the other tools individual strategies down to the keyword level, strategies can be applied only at the campaign level here. For beginners, this may be comfortable. Advanced Adwords Optimizer with their own strategic approaches quickly reach limits. According to the statement of IntelliAd but worked the strategy adjustments to make it more flexible. Until mid-year, this is to be implemented.

When it comes to ranking bids. So bidding on Ad ranking position weaken almost all tools. Only Search Force offers the possibility to certain ranking positions to offer. With the other tools you can only specify minimum or maximum position and grope at the position just as the Adwords Editor and by percent changes in click bid.

The request to be informed about all past control applications provide all tools, however, provides only a Kenshoo “Undo” button with which one can make converted by the system changes undone. I personally important and see pent-up demand for the other party.
The PPC search engine Usability

The usability was clearly depending on the flexibility and complexity. So there cut the tools lower functionality as Intelli Ad or Clickable best from, because you naturally looked tidier because of lesser Funktiosumfangs and easier were handling. Taking into account the complexity here Kenshoo, Search Force and Acquisio fared best, but without fully convincing.
The flexibility of the Bid Management Tools

In terms of flexibility of DC Storm Optimiser and Kenshoo Bid Management Tool worked with many possibilities for importing data from third party sources very solid. The software Kenshoo stabbed a very interesting possibility Podukt feeds to import and incorporate the data on variables in the display texts produced. Especially interesting for online stores with an extensive range.
Bid Management Software Contract prices and maturities

The price of a bid management tool and contractual maturities automatically limits especially when tighter budgets, a selection of the available on the market PPC Management Software. The tested tools separated into three areas, which are aimed at different target groups. In general, the monthly Nutzungsbgebühr was all tools at around 5% of ad budgets. With smaller budgets to manage click acts as a first orientation a monthly minimum fee. There, the provider shall in advance for a triage your target audience. For small agencies or for house use in companies with monthly ad budget of less than 10,000 € Clickable and IntelliAd offer price attractive models, since they are to have from a minimum monthly fee of 129 $ (Clickable) and 129 € (Intelli Ad). Clickable relies on it even one upstairs and binds the customer at no contractual maturity, because they are probably your very sure. For Acquisio one must also not bind to a Contract but may terminate a month. I personally find good, because it speaks for a certain conviction of the own product.

The media entry-level offer the tools of Acquisio and DC Storm Optimiser, which at a minimum monthly fee of 250 € – starting € 500. There is also Search Force, but one-time set-up are still estimated cost of € 1000, which still leaves the strong  up fast. But then you have the opportunity to test the tool at a budget price of 250 € per month for 3 months, which is also without a set up cost is possible when DC Storm Optimiser.

The pricing premium class forms such as Refined Ads, Omniture / Search Suite and Click Equations also the tool Kenshoo. Here the providers are clear only to the big fish, and communicate openly, that their tools are attractive only for monthly Ad Spends from 50.000 €. This is only above a minimum price of 1000 € per month (Click Equations and Refined Ads) or € 2,800 (Kenshoo) to the point.

The Contract maturities amount to up at Clickable usually to one year with the option of a possible trial period of 14 days up to 3 months (Search Force and DC Storm Optimiser).

With regard to the contract terms and monthly percentage fee, can also talk to the one or other supplier. Since it is strong on what you want to use the tools and tracked which business model we do not want any general recommendations for
Pronounce certain tools. Given the gravity of the tested bid management and campaign management tools are too different. But we can already say that tools like Clickable and IntelliAd your or due to the low cost of entry and the clear handling
good usability for newcomers to the subject, smaller budgets and users who do not want to deal himself intensively with the Bid Management is suitable fit. Due to limited possible intervention on the
Want Strategy Settings encounter PPC Company professionals own sophisticated test strategies quickly reach their limits. According Intelli ad there but a bit more initiative should be possible in the near future by clusters can keyword and provided with its own rules.
Clickable has the disadvantage that so far the values ​​can be displayed only in US dollars.

The pricing of the Middle Class to include the tested tools of DC Storm, Force Search and Acquisio has fitted solving SearchForce to our needs best. However, there the negative
Set up costs and the like in Uerigen at Clickable, Acquisio and Kenshoo also the only English-language support.
Acquisio has clearly its strengths in flexible yet comfortable handling with the creation of reports, that’s interesting for agencies whose customers much
Emphasize sophisticated reporting. The DC Storm Optimiser has to have its strengths in flexibility and the many possibilities incorporate external data.
Together with the DC StormAnalytics certainly a powerful combination, but on its own lacks the tool like Acquisio some functions, such as the Search Funnel Tracking
and the weighting of the various Search Funnel steps to under the Bid management. In addition, the User Interface of the Optimiser works because of the many setting options
bit unwieldy in terms of usability and one brenötigt some time to find your way.

Of all the tools made us Kenshoo the most sophisticated impression. The possibility of product feeds to be linked with variables on the Annzeigentexte offers especially for larger online shops interesting possibilities. In addition, we found the “Undo” button for in the past
incurred regulations by the bid management system for very practical. However Kenshoo currently has only one English language support and is provided with start-up costs beyond 1500 € per month limit only budget strong advertisers and agencies possible. If the money
want to take still in his hand, also should Refined View Ads of German provider Refined labes, with which we have so far not yet occupied us.
General Conclusion to Bid Management Tools

In order to bring our series of tests to conclude an overall conclusion on the use of PPC Bid Management Tools. They make life particularly in accounts beyond the 10,000 limit keyword simple, but are no panacea. The danger in the comfort of lies
that optimize konmplett to put into the hands of the system. Apart from the employed algorithms in the portfolio-based bid management approaches that we previously could not test due to the time the bid management can help to improve, insofar
it regularly reviews the performance of campaigns and their own strategic approaches tested. With the setting Bid Management, and after me the deluge, the tools serve no optimal service, justifying the extra costs.
One advantage is definitely the Reporting Creation, which facilitates particularly Agencies life. This is the performance of campaigns but no better.
In general, we found the campaign management functions rather disappointing. Compared with the Adwords Expert Editor most effective tools offered no added value.

Short and sweet: Bring the tools offer time savings but little things not with the free
Could make tools from Google Adwords Help itself. Whether these time savings, however, justifies the additional costs must each decide for themselves. We currently run with two tools of the tested here several months trial in practical use and we probably opt for one of the two.