Content Marketing: “The overarching custom of using info and entertainment to advertise a brand or product”. – Contently

Mobile SEO content marketing firms as a means to reach an audience that is increasingly cautious, reveals no signs of slowing down in 2014. As an alternative to using old, conventional systems of advertising that is outbound, companies are finding that content marketing brings customers and develops actual trust between consumers and brands.

In 2013, I made some predictions for where I saw content marketing. You may read it here in the event you lost the post: The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends Which Will Reign 2014. In this post, I Will revisit my forecasts, and have a look in the current research associated with content marketing.

1. Companies Will Eventually Have The Ability To Define Content Marketing

In my preceding post, I said that 60% of companies were using some sort of content marketing. Less than a year after, a report by the Content Marketing Institute suggests that content marketing is now used by a whopping 93% of B2B marketers as a portion of their overall marketing plan.
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It is just now the term is becoming part of the everyday vernacular of companies while there have been innumerable articles printed in the previous couple years about the value of content marketing. Marketers are seeing first hand how content marketing and social media are inextricably linked, and are understanding the significance of getting a content plan; in fact, 44% of B2B marketers report having a certificated content strategy set up. To learn the best way to develop a content strategy for your organization, see my posts:

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2. The Very Best New Advertising Job Title Recruited and Hired will be “Director of Content”

While I can not point to any hard and fast data affecting the rise in popularity of the “Content Director” function, it is clear that an increasing amount of businesses are centralizing content creation, curation and forwarding.

As stated by the Content Marketing Institute’s State of B2B Content Marketing report, the most successful B2B content marketers have 2 things in common: they have someone who manages their content promotion strategy, and that strategy is documented (this makes sense: a committed content supervisor may well be more inclined to truly have a content plan in place).

Astonishingly, smaller firms of less than one hundred workers are somewhat more likely (78%) to have someone manage their content strategy than firms with 1000 workers (58%).

3. Mobile Content Promotion and the Remaining Part of The Pack will Divide Winners

I have argued before the launch of Google GOOGL 0.37%’s Hummingbird upgrade has significantly upped the ante when it comes to the value of a mobile content strategy (see Google Hummingbird: A Mobile Content Promotion Strategy Only Became Vital.)

But while most marketers now understand the value of having mobile-friendly content, many are still lagging in regards to really carrying out their mobile strategy. For example, according to Precise Objective TGT 0.00%’s 2014 State of Marketing report, 41% of respondents said that up to half of their subscribers opened e-mails on a cellular device; and yet, 42% of marketers also said they seldom or never used reactive layout in their e-mails.

Certainly, there is still a disconnect between what marketers understand what they are really doing, and they should do. For recommendations on the best way to properly execute your own mobile content strategy find my post 10 Steps to Developing a Mobile-Optimized Content Strategy.

4. Computing Businesses and Content Marketing ROI Will Spawn New SAAS Applications

New content creation businesses are emerging and continuing to increase steam to challenge crucial players like Text Agent as the business is finding increased ROI in regards to content marketing. Content Equals Cash and content Runner are two such emerging businesses, which match writers to businesses seeking high quality content.

Based on Amie Marse, Founder & Managing Associate at Content Equals Cash, demand for their services is at an all time high: “2014 has been a strong force for my business. 2014 is on course to triple our 2013 amounts, although our sales has doubled every year. The content generation landscape is saturated with new competitors popping up daily, with many different kinds of businesses. Whether you want a personal touch or a market, you can actually find numerous firms to pick from. That in itself speaks to the growing demand for quality content.”

5. Companies will try to find Ways to Automate their Content Marketing, and Such Attempts will Fail

With companies encouraging and creating more content than ever, it is no surprise they’d be looking for methods to streamline and automate the procedure. It just makes sense the popularity of marketing automation would increase significantly just to be able to keep pace with 78% of the successful marketers creating more content than they did a year ago.

Nevertheless, many claim that automating content is not without its difficulties; of what marketing automation can achieve unrealistic expectations may be one of the largest hurdles. Clearly, the concept of having a system in position that captures and transfers them through the internet sales funnel nurtures leads and finally converts them to customers, is an exceptionally appealing one.

Yet, based on HubSpot, a top content marketing automation supplier, content marketing is not a ‘once and done’ proposal: “Marketing automation needs continuous attention and recognition for it to function efficiently. Too many businesses believe they are able to let their automation do all the work–not just the most effective means of achieving your goals and skimp on these details. Marketing automation works as an addendum to your sales strategy, letting you strategize the trail ahead. It is not meant as something that you can set and forget.”
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6. Google and Slideshare Will Become Crucial for B2B Content Marketers

We are seeing a disconnect between the authentic usage of Slideshare and Google, and their reported effectiveness for company use. On the one hand, their use has soared fairly significantly: while using Google has gone up from 39% to 55% use of SlideShare among B2B marketers has grown from 23% to 40%.

Yet according to research by the Content Marketing Services Institute, just 45% of B2B marketers consider SlideShare is successful for their company, as well as an amazingly low 21% consider Google is not ineffective. With Google deciding to eliminate Google Authorship photographs, many company owners are wondering whether their significant investment in Google has been – and will continue to be – value it.
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Which platforms are significant to marketers afterward? According to the Social Media Examiner report, top societal platforms used by B2B Marketers are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with Google. Slideshare does not seem to have been contained in the survey, so its value among respondents can not be pinned down.

7. Place-Based Content Marketing Will Supply Tremendous ROI for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Place-based promotions and couponing are continuing to drive in store sales and visits. Based on Cisco, place-based mobile advertising accounts for $4.5 billion this year; and this amount is anticipated to grow to over $10 billion by 2017.

One example of how brick-and-mortar businesses are employing place-based advertising to boost ROI is the usage of geo-conscious advertising in a campaign launched earlier this year by Meguiar’s (an auto-care products business). By revealing relevant advertising in places that revealed a high quantity of automobile and car accessory buyers, the business managed to attain a $1.31 ROI and a 118% increase in sales in open marketplaces.

Certainly, while delivery method and the tools for our content may switch and change, the value of a content marketing agency stays steady at this stage of 2015. I am interested to hear your ideas about content marketing in 2016: What Is missing from this list? What should we expect to see in the latter half of 2014?