Six Crucial Elements for Online Business Success

There are many factors for your business to consider as you try to break through in today’s heavily competitive marketplace. From the small details to the big-picture strategic view, there are a few key items to consider when presenting your business to the world to ensure that you are always putting your best face forward for success and growth. Here are six key elements that can make all the difference in propelling your business to the next level:

1. A Well-Designed, Professional Website

There’s a reason this tip is number one! For many customers, your company’s website is their first and last point of contact with your business. For many online service providers, it is your customer’s only window into your operation and their only interaction with you. However, some company websites can wind up hurting even more than they help! From unreliable hosts to slow loading times, pages riddled with errors or “under construction” notices to confusing or personal information displayed on public pages, an unprofessional company website can create a worse impression than no website at all. Getting your website right is critical to revamping the entire presentation of your business and making it easy for the customer to build and develop a relationship with you. It’s worth the investment in a skilled and qualified website designer to ensure that you are giving your business the professional presentation it deserves.

2. A Great App for Mobile Devices

It’s not enough to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website. Given the large number of customers who do most of their browsing on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, an app can be key to bringing customers back to your site time and time again and providing an integrated experience that makes interaction seamless. A great Mobile APP SEO will help to spread the popularity and accessibility of your business and helps to show the strength and depth of your company. Unlike a website, apps are a more specialized development experience and you’ll likely need to connect with a qualified professional app designer.

3. A Responsive, Fun Social Media Presence

Today, the world communicates, shares information and creates viral crazes over social media. Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other emerging platforms is critical to business success, word of mouth and customer engagement. Social media is free to use, and a great responsiveness to customer support inquiries or a reputation for witty or useful content can build a following for your business that is worth its weight in gold. In order to excel at social media, it’s important to be accessible to your customers and answer inquiries promptly! You won’t only improve existing customer relationships, you’ll impress the hundreds, thousands or millions more who are watching on the sidelines.

4. A Great Blog

Adding a business or personal/professional blog to your company’s website can help to encourage sharing your site, build your profile and make your website more attractive to customers. When your site provides useful information, industry knowledge or relevant tips and writing in a blog, customers have a reason to come back again and again. And when you write about professional or personal matters relevant to your business, you help to give your company a public personality. A great, well-updated blog can also help with all-important search engine optimization (SEO).

5. An Efficient Cloud-Based System

“The cloud” is a buzzword in almost every business today. This is because it takes advantage of the decentralized nature of the internet to share extra computing power, back up data and make information widely accessible, with no worries about server capacity or uptime. Companies can even market their own cloud colocation and data server services using managed service provider (MSP) platforms, that allow you to deliver cloud-based services and applications to your clients all with the local SEO friendliness of a local major City IP.  markets like Boston, Austin, Chicago, and Seattle all are experiencing huge surges in colocaton server hosting.

6. An Empowered and Empowering Staff

The key to any business, in the end, isn’t the technology that you use but the people power and inspiration that drives that technological innovation and presentation. Employees that are empowered to help customers, treated well and work in an environment that provides the pay and benefits to make that work meaningful and worthwhile, are the employees who are motivated to make a real difference. Pay attention to labor laws, the rights of workers and the human dignity of your staff: from natural light to comfortable chairs, basic human comforts can make all the difference in an office. This is a difference that shines through in your customer relations.

With these six key elements, you’ll be well on your way to business success. Think about how well you’re meeting your goals and what new ideas can help bring them forward even further!