Many developers and companies are looking for effective, powerful alternatives to Amazon’s AWS cloud services for web hosting and e-commerce.

AWS alternatives provide Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS. These providers offer three key aspects that differentiate their services from traditional, cheap web hosting. IaaS includes:

  • amazon-aws-ec2-logo-alternatives-hostingA database or data center service
  • An application development platform
  • Maintenance and service to ensure scalability and reliability

AWS and its alternatives allow major web services to hit the market in the smallest amount of time they can. You’ll eliminate the need to manage your own servers with these applications. In order to choose the best alternative for you, you’ll need to consider your use cases, budget, future plans and company goals.

AWS has grown to be a real powerhouse in internet and cloud services. Many of the Web’s biggest sites and products rely on AWS for uptime and availability. When AWS experienced technical problems, some of the most widely visited sites, including Netflix, Tinder, IMDB, Amazon Video streaming and AirBnB, went down as well. However, AWS also has plenty of competition. Big-name competitors like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute offer high-powered cloud services. Meanwhile, other, more specialized services provide great options for your particular needs. Digital Ocean provides great services for WordPress users, a CMS that powers a large portion of the internet. Services like Rackspace, Joyent, IBM Cloud SoftLayer, OVH, Kyup, and CloudSigma also offer AWS alternatives that could be right for your web business.

Providers like Digital Ocean and Media Temple have focused their appeals to web developers, coders and internet professionals. These AWS alternatives focus on high-level services, security and tailoring for intensive development purposes. Digital Ocean is the 11th largest provider of infrastructure in the world. Its hosting solutions are based on ultra-fast, ultra-massive solid state drives for incredible response time. Providing hosting solutions that work for small businesses or major web applications, Digital Ocean specializes in great reliability and a worldwide community for support among developers. Media Temple doesn’t call its own AWS alternative service “cloud” hosting, but it offers all the private power that a web developer needs to support massive apps and high demand. Media Temple is a pricier option, but a perennial winner for its high-level customer support.

These kinds of AWS alternatives can be great choices for people hosting blogs and simple websites as well. Because of their expertise and experience in WordPress development, Digital Ocean and Media Temple can help to ensure consistent availability of your site and provide the support you need to repair PHP, MySQL and other errors that can interfere with your site’s availability.

Of course, Google’s cloud platform is an incredibly powerful option for all types of sites and apps. With the power that runs the internet’s biggest databases, storage and document solutions, Google’s cloud provides high security and great uptime. In addition, Google’s cloud service comes with the App Engine and the benefits of the Google infrastructure.

Like Google, Microsoft Azure offers an array of apps, engines, and building blocks for web developers to build applications from their IaaS platform. With the power of the Bing search engine and an array of verification and security services, Azure works with a wide variety of open source products. You’re not restricted to Windows products, either; with Azure, you can choose Windows, Linux or BSD machines at the same rate. Similar to AWS, Microsoft Azure offers a wide variety of complex options that can provide precise choices for professional developers.

One of the biggest advantages of these specialized web services providers is the intensive analytics they offer. With real-time, cloud-based data, you’ll have the ability to target e-commerce campaigns and understand and analyze large volumes of customer and visitor data. One company, Struq, reported that it analyzes around two terabytes of basic incoming user data on a daily basis. Struq uses engines that pull over 10,000 features from each online transaction to isolate variables for customer behavior, including time, location, browser, device and more. For these intensive analytics, Struq chose to work with IBM Cloud SoftLayer for its high level of flexibility and low level of latency.

AWS and other IaaS providers are revolutionizing web services with high-level flexibility, application building blocks and personalized components that can help you drive business, analyze data and ensure near-constant uptime. From the big options to the specialized players, there’s an AWS alternative that can be a partner in your web development projects.